BR Steakhouse and Bakery

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BR Steakhouse and Bakery

Amy and I discovered this little gem while we were over by King Kong Sushi. As we walked in, we could see that it was brand new and very well managed. As we were greeted by our server, being new to this restaurant, we asked her what this place was about. She described it as being a Brazilian style steakhouse, but not like Rioz or any other Brazilian style restaurant.

It was a buffet style where you went up to the back of the dining room where the smoker was and saw all their meat that was cooking. They had lamb, pork lions, different cuts of steak, smoke sausage, ribs, chicken, and the best smoked pineapple I have ever had. On the buffet there was a lot to choose from. There was green beans, Brazilian style rice, collards, Alfredo noodles, salad items, and cheese biscuits. As for the bakery, they had homemade cone brulee, creme brulee in a waffle cone, tiramisu, cheesecake and berries, and chocolate lava cake.

This is a perfect little spot to go and try out if you are on a budget and love Brazilian style food. The price is perfect and the atmosphere is awesome. So when you’re out and about check this little gem out…

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