Crave Italian Oven and Bar

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Crave Italian Oven and Bar

It’s been a while since Amy and I have been out to a really great restaurant but last Friday night, we decided to try a little place that I have been wanting to try so we went to Crave Italian Oven and Bar. It was the best Italian restaurant I have even bar been to. When you pass by Crave, you won’t think it would be as quaint as it was. When you walk in you see the brick pizza oven, the unique bar and then the awesome paintings hanging on the wall.

Amy and I decide to get items off the happy hour menu. The food they served on the happy hour menu to me was just as great as the full menu and the prices were awesome as well. As in so many of the places we’ve been, these small plates were just enough for both of us. We got four small plates to share and I got one just for me because Amy doesn’t eat them. So let’s dive into what we ate.

We got two chicken parmigiana sliders, which are awesome, then we had the most delicious homemade meatballs any where around. They were as big as my fist and the ricotta cheese was outstanding. We got the mozzarella caprese that was great and then we got the garlic bread which wasn’t just bread but had pepperoni on it as well. This food was totally outstanding but I saved the best for last. I got two, yes two orders of the mussels bianco which was absolutely just wow. PEI mussels, butter, lemon and white wine. Just WOW again.

So the next time you are craving some great Italian food then go check out Crave Italian Oven and Bar. You won’t be disappointed.

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