The Beginning

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The Beginning

the beginning

Well I have decided to start myself a blog and let people know about some of the issues I see and encounter as being a “fat guy”. Now if you are going to be appalled that I have chosen to call my blog “The Fat Guy Experience” then, it might not be for you. My blog will be a journey through my life with my family and our adventures. 

I want to show you that there is nothing wrong with being “fat” or “fluffy” or overweight. I enjoy my life just the way I am. I will bring you with me during our travels on cruises, out to eat to see the great places that I enjoy and anywhere else I decide to take you. I may decide to throw in some fashion from myself and my wife, and I will probably plug her side job as well. So sit back, buckle up, and get ready for some awesome “Fat Guy Experience”…

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